• LocationMontevideo, Montevideo Department
  • CountryUruguay
  • ClientZonamerica
  • Date1990
  • PracticeAdolfo F. Pozzi G├╝elfi - Carlos Ponce de Leon / Architects
  • TypeCommercial
  • StatusCompleted
Zonamerica Business and Technology Park provides complete solutions in terms of location and infrastructure for corporations which specialize in services, back offices, banks logistics, technology or commerce in general. Since the first stages around the year 1990, our firm has worked on the urban planning, buildings design, interior design and landscaping of this 125-acre world-class technology park.
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Zonamerica is located in Montevideo, 10 minutes away from Carrasco Airport and 30 minutes away from downtown. Zonamerica Business and Technology Park has successfully delivered solutions to multinational companies for 15 years, emerging as a leader in Latin America.

Originally, the park was conceived to allocate mainly industries and logistic activities. Progressively, warehouses have converted to offices, locating technological and biotechnological businesses. Zonamerica is built on a tradition of excellence in its urbanism, architecture, technology and infrastructure.

The main issues to address are high-quality design, leading-edge architecture that allows construction with a fast erection process, space optimization and permanent flexibility for the different tenants. Concerns on sustainability, flexibility, durability, orientation, energy save, reuse and environment protection are permanent issues guiding the design process.

Our firm has been providing Zonamerica with high-quality architectural solutions including the latest ideal architectural designs for workplaces. Fiber optic connections with key business capitals in the region are included in all buildings. Its exclusive satellite communication teleport allows tenants to have advanced connections and redundant internet access.