Arch. Carlos Ponce de Leon

We are confident that the best results in every project arise from the constructive interaction between ourselves and the client.

Ponce de León Architects opened its doors in 2004, after Arch. Carlos Ponce de León’s long-standing joint venture with Arch. Adolfo F. Pozzi Güelfi from 1985 to 2004.

Since then the firm has designed and constructed projects ranging from single-family residences to IT Parks, Hotels and Multi-Housing developments in India, Sri Lanka, UAE and many countries in South America, along with an ongoing flow of projects mainly in Uruguay and Argentina. The association between Ponce de Leon’s firm and worldwide renowned fellow Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott allowed the creation of a new practice specialized in large-scale Master Planning, Cultural, Office and Residential projects.

We believe that architecture and sustainability are inseparable in an integrated design. Architecture presents a unique challenge in the field of sustainability. Sustainable construction, defined as the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles, intends to lessen the impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. This is achieved by minimizing non-renewable resource consumption, enhancing the natural environment and eliminating or minimizing toxic emissions.

Our practices are among the most committed in the area of sustainable designs. That is why the architectural designs of Ponce de León Architects promote the incorporation of the word green in all of the design stages. With more than fifteen years of experience in diverse fields, our projects cover Urban Planning, Industrial, Interior and Architectural Design for Recreational, Retail, Office, Health, Housing, Administration, Education, Industry, Laboratories, and Multifamily and Family Residences.

A key aspect of our practice is our collaboration with many of the most exceptionally talented in-house architects and outside consultants, without whose contributions our projects could not be completed to the standards we aspire to. We recognize their imprint in the core team of our practices.

At Ponce de León Architects we are confident that the best results in every project arise from the constructive interaction between ourselves and the client, and we are looking forward to embrace the next challenge together.