SLI Zonamerica Panama

  • LocationPanama
  • CountryPanama
  • ClientSLI Zonamerica
  • Date2012
  • PracticePonce de Leon Architects
  • TypeMasterplan
  • StatusProject
This project is located at the country’s most lucrative and sought-after areas for port facilities, port terminal and logistics in Panama Canal, Panama City, Panama. This close to the water port facility is government owned, but it was leased to a private company for thirty years. SLI is creating a new quality property in association with Uruguayan Zonamerica Business and Technology Park.
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This former U.S. Navy Base called Rodman is located just between the Panama Canal and the highway that connects the downtown Pacific area with the North Atlantic port of Colón.

The particular coast shape and location, not only maximizes the port area, operated nowadays by Singapore Port, but also gives the project a specific identity. The areas beside the coast, as well as those areas located in the nearby mainland behind the hill, will also be developed with prestigious buildings and complexes that will reuse existing marine houses remodeled for office purposes.

The proposed master plan will manage the second size port of Panama City. The scheme intends to connect the highway with the water’s edge and with areas north of the harbor. It includes new construction and selective refurbishment to provide logistic, light industries and office facilities. The new complex will be a focal point of the harbor redevelopment.