YPF Building

  • LocationBuenos Aires
  • CountryArgentina
  • ClientYPF
  • Date2019
  • PracticePonce de Leon Architects in association with Juan Diego Vecino Architects
  • TypeMixed Use
  • StatusConcept Design
This set of buildings and Masterplan was designed within the framework of a competition by invitation requested by the company YPF for its new corporate headquarters in the city of Buenos Aires.
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Filling stations are thought for electrical, autonomous and conventional fuels.
Their leaf-shaped glazing roofs with scattered solar panels, power the stations as well as giving shade while waiting for the cars to fuel up.

Our urban and architectural proposal seeks to build a differentiated model of filling stations, granting freedom to transform it into a company ICON, including a sustainable and ecological proposal for the NEW CORPORATE BUILDING in the project.

From the urban point of view, it seeks a very strong relationship between the different volumes and between them and their immediate surroundings, with a focus on the development of public space, generating a green belt in the form of a soft wave in the middle of the block, which connects the block with the parks located north and south, promoting the integration of the proposed uses with each other and with their immediate surroundings.

The proposed organic architecture generates gardens of different character at ground level, keeping the human scale. The existing trees, which will be taken care of as much as possible, start being a canopy when visitors are approaching the new destination, seeking to make the user feel immersed in a park, both at the pedestrian level and in the CORPORATE BUILDING, which in turn is terraced towards the corner of Castañeda and Echeverría streets, generating curved gardens that are intertwined with the existing park and the architecture containing them. The urban proposal seeks to position two small elliptical towers connected by a very particular winding volume that generates interaction and co-working spaces at different levels, with access to terraces, gardens and viewpoints, defending the views of the FORUM ALCORTA project located in the block bordering west.

The design includes the Public Park, which provides shade and shelter, moving the environment of the surrounding parks to this block. A series of outdoor terraces and tree-lined paths will connect the buildings with the surroundings, enjoying spectacular views of the city of Buenos Aires.
The project takes on the challenge of generating a new architectural identity that identifies the brand through “tree leaves” that overlap each other along the forecourt, both of fossil fuels and clean/renewable energy.

The presence of these covers of such careful and defined design from the ecological and green architecture point of view, are recognizable enough to identify the new generation of filling stations in the decades to come, both by the users of the station and by the rest of the drivers and passersby that go around the surroundings.

The program includes: corporate offices and their services, which are developed in the two elliptical towers and their connector; auditorium, bar, dining area, services and parking located in the basement and subsoil of these towers; commercial store under the suspended green leaf, refuel of electric and fuel cars under the tree leaves, and small buildings with the character of pavilions to accommodate services to cyclists and park users in general.