TOSA Tower

  • LocationAsunciĆ³n
  • CountryParaguay
  • ClientTOSA
  • Date2014
  • PracticeCarlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de Leon Architects
  • TypeMixed Use
  • StatusIn Development
The TOSA TOWER at AsunciĆ³n del Paraguay, the most distinctive of a new generation of tall buildings in this country, will become a symbol of the capital and that rare phenomenon in Paraguay, a genuinely popular new tower.
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Its dramatic cobra snake sharp and prominent position just on top of Paraguay River have naturally made it a landmark. In the design of this new building located inside a master planned community and just some meters away from a speedo and yacht harbor, we had the chance to create environments that people enjoy, and that will bring life to the site and for sure the landlord will appreciate it in commercial terms. This is a building with an air of generosity, particularly in terms of its urban contribution.

The building has almost 11.000 sq. meters, distributed in a hotel, office flats and a residential unit on the top of the roof. The lobby atrium is in the spirit of the design intention, as it is a place to pause and enjoy, a space of civic dignity.

We designed the greenest tower of the city. Our office pursues research and development programs through our commissions, and we were encouraged by developers in our open minded search for this particular shape that will characterize the building itself.