Katoen Natie

  • LocationMontevideo, Montevideo Department
  • CountryUruguay
  • ClientKatoen Natie
  • Date2007
  • PracticePonce de Leon Architects
  • TypeCorporate
  • StatusCompleted
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Katoen Natie Offices at Old Town in Montevideo, Uruguay - Since this world leader in logistics and harbor services holds 80% of the Montevideo Harbor Containers Terminal assets, new headquarters facilities were required and the company decided to remodel this old house, declared National Heritage.

The lot originally owned by a Spanish marine named Francisco Loores was bought by the French Monarchy, which constructed the original building for its diplomatic delegation around 1830. The architect and exact date are ignored. Around 1950 it was bought by the Arteaga family, which finally sold it to the rice company Coopar until it was sold to Katoen Natie. Fortunately, all owners maintained the original building with all its characteristics. For example, the Belgian fireplace from 1890 which portrays the fleur-de-lis, symbol of the French Monarchy. Also, the stained glass windows have images of Carlomagno and Saint Louis.

The present refurbishing has undergone a very careful restoration while incorporating the most advanced technology in installations. Modern ceilings and lighting coexist with old finishing, windows and floors. On the roof, a magnificent deck overlooks the old city, the bay and the Montevideo hill. The old skylight was repaired and illuminated obtaining a stained glass ceiling for day and night.

The best example of the mixture of the modern and old is the restored water well found while excavating, which was protected with glass and can be enjoyed through the floor of the computer servers room.