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Ponce de León Architects was established by Arch. Carlos Ponce de León in February 2004.

Arch. Carlos Ponce de León graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Uruguay in 1985. In the year 1987 he joined Adolfo Pozzi as partner, under the practice Adolfo F. Pozzi Guelfi - Carlos Ponce de León Muxí Architects and continued as such until Arch. Adolfo Pozzi's passing away on January 2004. Arch. Carlos Ponce de León practices from February 2004 under Ponce de León Architects.

Looking back into Arch. Carlos Ponce de León's career, since the beginning of his work he dealt with a broad range of scales and programs such as Urban Planning, Architectural and Interior Design for different destinies such as Recreation, Retail, Office, Health, Housing, Administration, Education, Industry, Laboratories, and Multifamily and Family Residences, an area in which Arch. Ponce de León has been involved since the beginning of his work, both under his former and current practice. Houses have been designed and constructed simultaneously to the rest of the projects which Arch. Ponce de León has designed, or co-designed with Arch. Pozzi. Locations such as Carrasco (one of Montevideo’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods) and Punta del Este, the main ocean resort in Uruguay, host some of Arch. Ponce de León’s designs.

Since 2004 the firm has begun working in such countries as India, Sri Lanka, UAE and many countries in South America, as well as the on-going flow of projects mainly in Uruguay and Argentina. The association between Ponce de Leon’s firm and world-wide recognized fellow uruguayan architect Carlos Ott allowed the creation of a new practice specialized in large scale Master Planning, Cultural, Office and Residential projects. Celebra Office Building was awarded with the International Commercial Property Award in association with Bloomberg Television, in the category International Architecture Award (Office) in the year 2010. Another of this practice’s project, Siruseri Technology Park for TATA Consultancy Services (located in Chennai, India), has already won the International Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television as Best Office Architecture both in India and Asia Pacific, and is currently competing for the world wide award of 2011.

A large amount of projects, covering almost every area of practice, are currently being developed by Ponce de Leon Architects, as well as Carlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de León Architects, many of which can already be seen on the website.





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